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The Importance of Using Mercedes-Benz Original Parts

You’ve been searching “Mercedes-Benz parts dealer near me” because you understand the importance of using genuine parts from the manufacturer. Fortunately, we’re located conveniently in Hampton and Mercedes-Benz OEM parts are exactly the kinds of parts offered by our Parts Department. Let’s talk about why you should stick with only genuine Mercedes-Benz parts. 

Reasons to Use Only Mercedes-Benz OEM Parts

As the staff at our Mercedes-Benz Parts Department like to tell our Williamsburg customers, there are several reasons to use only Mercedes-Benz OEM parts when repairing your vehicle. Here are just a few:

  • You know what you’re getting with Mercedes-Benz factory parts. That’s not always true of after-market parts.
  • Parts that are not direct fit may void your vehicle’s warranty.
  • The Mercedes-Benz original parts are backed up by their own warranty. A lot of after-market parts don’t have a warranty.
  • Mercedes-Benz factory parts are sure to fit properly. Many after-market parts are designed to fit multiple vehicles, so they may not fit your vehicle as well as they should.
  • You can be sure that a Mercedes-Benz original part will work exactly the same as the part it’s replacing.

The Generous Mercedes-Benz Parts Warranty

You know a manufacturer believes in its products when it stands behind them. All genuine Mercedes-Benz OEM parts are backed by a generous warranty. Here are the details:

  • 12-months, unlimited mileage
  • 24-months or 24,000 miles for transmissions
  • 48-months or 50,000 miles for the engine and long blocks (same coverage as for a new Mercedes-Benz)
  • 2-years or 24,000 miles for most emissions parts
  • 8-years or 80,000 miles for some emission parts

Get Your Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts at Mercedes-Benz of Hampton

Stop Googling “Mercedes-Benz parts dealer near me”. You’ve found us! Mercedes-Benz of Hampton is the place to find genuine Mercedes-Benz OEM parts. The friendly team members in our Mercedes-Benz parts department will be happy to help you find the right part for your vehicle. And don’t forget to check out our parts specials for some great deals. We’re just a short drive away from both Hampton and Norfolk, so drop by or contact us today!